Botanical Stuff


North Coast Chapter

Wildflower Show setup manager; webmaster / CMS administrator, originator of public walks program.

Statewide org.

Formerly Vice-chair of Chapter Council; was designer and then manager of the orignial Online Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants; sponsor of the herbicide and integrated weed management policies (writing, negotiating, coordinating input), etc.  In June ’18 I had to sit quietly while someone recited a tedious list of alleged “accomplishments,” after which I was elected a Society “fellow”.  Since then have worked with the Phytophthora and the Conservation Policy committees.


MA thesis

Reproduction and rarity of a rare saxifrage, Bensoniella oregana – Snow Camp, CA & Humboldt StateUniversity.  Summary in the proceedings of an NPSO symposium (Conservation and Management of Native Plants and Fungi. 

Ecological study

Focused on a grass, Puccinellia howellii – salt springs near Whiskeytown, CA. The work was summarized in Madroño (Volume 49, Number 1 January-March 2002). During review I had to remove all mention of the word “competition”.  Fair enough – I should have known better.

Mitigation work

With a rare evening-primrose, Oenothera wolfii – Crescent City CA.  Now it’s all over my back yard.

Dudlea lanceolata – in a Facebook discussion

Oenothera wolfii – rare plant in Crescent City