Webmonkey at-large – WordPress, Joomla, whatever!

Before the web become all about PROMOTION, the emphasis was on INFO ACCESS & INTER-CONNECTION. And the concepts of hypertext and linking still turn me on.  Personally, I love a big screen, and get frustrated if I have to swipe down a narrow layout in the hope of finding content that ultimately might not be there.

But hey, it’s YOUR dime, and if you need help with your mobile-friendly site, I can honestly empathize with YOUR needs from YOUR standpoint. So let’s give it a go!

For you


Abandoned by your webmaster?  I can bring your site up to date, and make the modifications you need to stay relevant. Does your good-looking Joomla or WordPress or hand-coded website seem daunting to maintain?  Let me do the tech stuff for you, so you can properly focus your energy on content, and save yourself the distraction and money of planning a new design. 


For committees and workgroups, a private website can serve as a central location for communication and work sharing. Unlike conventional cloud storage, topics and documents can be arranged in a tree-like hierarchy and annotated. The structure and comments can be easily re-arranged and menued as required.



This is my personal site

Now on WordPress, the first version was on Classic Sites, which is no longer supported. (original design) Recreating the appearance in WordPress was a challenging and educational experience. By intention I've tried to avoid being biographical or comprehensive. The limited overview has served well as a social resumé.


Politics, culture, empathy, surreal lunacy (e.g., "Motivator posters")... and frogs. Most posts are limited to friends. https://facebook.com/levinel


the original Online Inventory of Rare Plants 

more screenshots

Voice of Roma, version 2 

North Coast Chapter CNPS

Still online, but will be migrated to WordPress and redesigned. (see static image) Facebook feed embedded in home page to add some more dynamism to the contend. The Virtual Wildflower Show 2020 originally on Classic Sites, incorporated Java-generated photo galleries.

CNPS Quarterly Gatherings

Was designer/coordinator, four sites per year, on the Classic Google Sites - a platform that was abandoned by Google in favor of an alternative product focussing on a different market. 

Rare Plant Inventory

Was developer of the original Online Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants, based on online database app written in Perl, originally from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). Prior to this easily updatable online version, the data was re-published infrequently as a hard-copy "book". (see static image)


Designer/webmaster - currently still online, but no longer maintained.  Hand-coded with SSI headers and footers, with the content topics in the brown zone body swapped out using javascript. Most everything is my fault, except for the lovely violet/gold landing page, the banner graphics, and the sweet blue border around the content. (see static image)

Jeff Burleigh Legacy

Data monkey gig - automating the conversion of photo meta data from MS-Access to Coppermine gallery


Initial work on MySpace was salvaged and recreated on Blogger. See Balkan page for link.


Before Facebook, we tried to out-compete each other with ingenious and/or nauseating page hacks. My trademark profile photo was an infra-red close-up of my eyeball. The occasionally used 'fiesta' version is on right.