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NEW SCHOOL vs. OLD SCHOOL - Hand-crafted fiberglass tupan stick (switch) compared with a same length 'bio-crafted' stick made from the traditional cornelian cherry (дрян), a type of Eurasian dogwood often used as an ornamental in North America.  The one here was a lucky find, because it was almost ready to play. Prep was minimal: clipped stick from bush, removed leaves and bark, let dry, added rubber band. Fiberglass sticks require much more work, but are durable and reproducible.  This wood stick has an overall flex similar to the stiffest fiberglass model, but with the flex concentrated in the lower half. 
fiberglass tupan stick (switch) vs. traditional
fiberglass tupan stick (switch) vs. traditional - head

fiberglass tupan stick (switch) vs. traditional - tip

Ҫubuk, çubuk, çubuk! - maestro Sali Shopov, at eefc camp, 2008

A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME - This musical technology is not American, so you are likely to encounter some of the other names listed in the table below.  (Greek terms courtesy of Jerry Summers.)

 TUPAN  тъпан   davul   νταούλι
 STICK  пръчка  çubuk  βίτσα
 BEATER кияк tokmak  κοπάνοσ
 PLAYER тъпанджия  davulcu   νταουληιέρησ