Balkan things – I’m just a participant, not an authority.

Orphans of Orpheus - Eureka, CA


Still learning. Maybe by now I sound o.k… for an American. I like working with a soloist or small ensemble. In the type of playing I do, the drummer is often expected to follow the tune, rather than furnish a metronomic beat drawn from the repertoire of basic folk rhythms.


(currently in suspension) – “Orphans of Orpheus” folk amateur band – Eureka, CA. Randy Carrico, Larry Levine, and friends. Clarinet, kaval, saxophone, oud, bass, etc… & tupan. Folk dancing and street music.


Still learning. I prefer dancing with people who strive to honor the feeling & style, above all else. Sure, legs and agility matter, but ears and heart count for an awful lot.

Where’s the Kef?

Blogged for a while on this deep-but-elusive subject. Always happy to encounter the Kef, wherever.


Previously website monkey for Voice of Roma – see Web Work page.

photos of Antika Bulgaria Folk Ensemble & Cultural Club, Bay Area, CA


My various friends and I enjoy playing and practicing, even if only for ourselves. Singled out from a huge repertoire of tunes and styles, attached below are two pravos that are currently popular among people I know. If you also learn them, perhaps we can play them together. More tunes (Bill Cope's Kolo Festival tune share)