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This is a tupan.

a tupan



My name is Larry Levine. I live on a shellfish processing facility in far NW California.  Despite a long involvement with the Interwebs, this is my first stand alone personal website.

Coffee will get you through times of no sleep better than sleep will get you through
times of no coffee.

apologies to Gilbert Shelton

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Alexander Pope

Native Peoples have their own voices.
Susan Burdick

Cи ли тъпанджия или тъпанар?

This is a platonic visit, o.k.?


  • Sept. 8, 2021 - Momentous near-facsimile migration from Classic Google Sites to WordPress.  And yes, 2021 has been another dud year for festivals and sales.
  • Also in 2020 - Job market opens up. Can't go dancing or jam, but the economy provides daily human contact, right?
  • July 2020 - COVID in full-tilt. Summer festival season is a bust.  But we are stocking up on power tools and being as social as we are being permitted - by regulation and  prudence.
  • June 2019 - TUPANSTIX.COM visited west coast "Balkan Camp".  Direct sales are always my favorite.
  • Late May 2019 - On the crew for Antika Fest, and then drove all the way down to San Diego to do the same for Balkan Fiesta. (Cheap flights had gotten sold out months before.) Smaller scene than last year, but still sweet.  Introduced the flamenco folks to the Greek version of "Nais Balamo".


June 10, 2019 intermission whimsy at Revolution Café, SF.  Was a great place on Sunday nights to enjoy Balkan fun with people from all over.  Generally packed and intense. (sigh)  We can't do that now.